FoodSaver v3825 Smart Seal Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Saving the food on a refrigerator or freezer sometimes do not hold so long. The taste and color change make us lose the appetite to eat it. Discarding the leftover food is also detrimental in terms of economy and hygiene. You surely do not want your spending money runs out only to be discarded. The FoodSaver V3825 reviewsgarbage creates a bad odor and unhealthy for the environment. The FoodSaver v3825 is an automatic food wrappers that keep the food from bacteria and make it last longer. The company said that this machine could keep the food fresh for five times longer. It can create a more efficient cost spending in buying groceries. You can save up to $2,700 every year by using this machine. The machine has been sold for $159.99 in the internet and it attracts a lot of buyers because of its benefit. Many customers also rate the machine by more than four stars.

The Advantage of Using the FoodSaver V3825

The new features on this machine are two vacuum speeds, a retractable hose, two seal levels, convenient roll storage and the removable drip-tray. The two vacuum speeds will be very helpful to the operation. It can be adjusted with the necessity and the types of food that will be wrapped. The two seal levels determine how much space left along with the food. The remaining space usually gives the air supply and the bacteria will grow. In order to make the food last longer, you should tightly wrapped it and left no air at all. The v3825 also equipped with retractable hose accessory. It is a new feature that does not exist in the previous type. It can be used for airflow or even for food seasoning. This built-in feature will help you to marinate a meat easily. The features have the option to be operated manually to give a more control to the vacuum.

Ease of use

The term ‘automatic’ in the machine is a guarantee that this machine is very easy to operate. The company provides a complete user guide and maintenance in the box. If you still get trouble in operating the machine, you can watch the videos on the website to help you operate this thing maximally. The bag container is in the side part of the unit. The tutorials on how to put the bags in are also provided. Once the bag is placed, it will come down automatically and seal. Wait until the process is over and you can remove the bag.


The FoodSaver v3825 has a vertical design that can be placed anywhere and save the place. The removable drip tray is a patented technology by the Foodsaver to help you clean the machine easily. The use of 12-quart bags and an 11 inches x 18 inches roll bags create a more adjustable food setting. The inside cutter gives you the freedom to use custom bags and it will cut it nicely. The cool color combination of silver and black make it enhance the appearance of your kitchen. You can get an additional two-year warranty by adding $10.99 to the price.