Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Nesco VS-02 reviewsWhen we are eating or having a meal in a big portion, sometimes we tend to leave some leftovers because we feel so full already. This will end up making your leftovers to go wasted such as pizza or bread. Once you put them on refrigerator, sometimes it doesn’t taste the same. Or when you are eating snacks such as chips, once the package is opened, you need to put them in a jar or tie it up with a rubber band. Well, you can actually get the alternative to seal the package with Nesco VS-02. This is the simplest way to keep your food safe and not spoiled. Not only for saving your chips, this also can be used to keep dried fruits or frozen vegetables and many more. This vacuum sealer is very impressive because this product is designed to be easy to use and has a compact and attractive look.


Now, let’s move to the performance of Nesco VS-02. This vacuum sealer is one of the best products that well-known in the market. Nesco offers the vacuum sealers with different abilities starting from to seal chees, meat, vegetables, fruits or chips. This product is not only used for keeping solid food but it is also useable to keep liquid. This vacuum cleaner only uses 110 watts and it supported with a switch for seal only and a piston pump. This is used to avoid the delicate or soft food to be crushed. The sealer is adjustable according how thin or thick your food is. Nesco even is equipped with bag cutter as well as compartment of roll storage. This will help you a lot in handling your food because you don’t need to cut the bags with your hands. This product is user friendly which means that it can automatically switch off and on. You can just leave their food being sealed without having to wait until the process is finished.

Ease of use

Nesco VS-02 is also really easy to use. To use this vacuum sealer, you just need to open the lid of the Nesco vacuum sealer. Then you take out a bag from its roll. Next step is cutting the bag to the right length. Now you can place the bag in the chamber of your vacuum sealer and make sure you put the open end of your bag on its sealing strip. Then you close the lid of the sealer. All you have to do next is to press down the lid on both of the sides. Wait until you hear the sound of click. Then you can now press the seal button.


Nesco VS-02 is designed with a professional, beautiful and amazing look. This product has a polished design and will be perfect to put it on your kitchen counter and will absolutely beautify your kitchen design. When it comes to durability and reliability, this product has such a good high mark. Nesco vs-02 is compact and really easy to handle. It is as well works really well and long lasting when you purchase it. By using this helpful product, you don’t have to worry anymore about wasting your food.